About Glitchable

Glitchable is your site dedicated to bringing you the best news for your favorite video game franchises. Glitchable was founded 2017 by Tim Lange, who is currently also the one-man team behind Glitchable.

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We are covering almost everything about the video game industry, including news, reviews, guides, and more!

We can’t compete with massive companies backed by huge investments and resources. We’re not IGN; we’re not Polygon, Gamespot, Gameinformer, or Eurogamer. So, we aren’t going to try to keep up with them. Say goodbye to reheated press releases carefully controlled by a publisher’s PR department which (and this is what the big sites don’t tell you) dictate whether or not they get a review copy. Say hello to our own views on those updates.

If we DO report news, it will be presented as an opinion piece, rather than the parroting of press releases that seems to make up most of the gaming “press” these days.

If we are pissed off with a publisher’s tactics, because they are detrimental to those of us that keep them in employment, we will speak about it. If speaking out means that a publisher blacklists us? We will speak about that too. We are here to serve the gaming community, not to act as an unpaid extension of the marketing machine that is the modern games industry.

What we want to focus on is that feeling you get when you play something great. Remember that feeling? It’s what made you love gaming in the first place. Perhaps that’s when you saw Sephiroth kill Aeris. Maybe it’s discovering the hidden warp room in level 1-1 of Super Mario Bros. Or, it could be falling down the rabbit hole as you tried to uncover the mystery of Baldur Gate’s Golden Pantaloons.

At Glitchable, we want to be more than just a marketing mouthpiece. We’re gamers, just like you, and we want our output to reflect what we would want to read. We want to champion not just the present, but to celebrate the past, speculate on the future, and also to deep dive into ancillary areas.

Why stop with a review? Why not examine individual aspects of a game – its visual design, sounds, narrative, or even specific mechanics? Why not chat with the designers, the writers, the artists and engineers who spend their lives transporting us to other worlds?

Why just focus on titles by major publishers, when indie developers are – and have always been – at the forefront of innovation? And why, in a transmedia age, do most mainstream sites ignore the fact that gaming culture now encompasses novels, comics, soundtrack albums, action figures, movies and everything else?

Last, but most importantly of all: why do so many publications now feel as though they sit on an ivory tower, delivering a verdict from on high, and fail to acknowledge the concerns or complaints of their readership? Or preach neutrality, when it is clear they have a bias?

These are all things that are on our mind at Glitchable. These are the questions that we have been pondering for a very long time, and which make us sweat more than playing Alien: Isolation in VR. We want to shake things up, and to reclaim that golden age of when the gaming press truly felt as though it was by the gamers, for the gamers.

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