After The End – It will make your brain explode!

After The End

Welcome to Nexon Mobile’s newest Game called “After The End”! And trust me, I didn’t lie in the title of this post. It will literally make your brain explode with their awesome love of detail and also their really really really hard levels. Speaking of, there are a ton of them waiting for you to be solved.

Since when is Nexon Mobile charging money for their games?

If you already know about Nexon Mobile, you are probably wondering yourself: “Why are they charging actual money for their game? It’s probably still pay-to-win.”. Let me tell you, that you are wrong! There are no ads and no in-game purchases. Every Update will be free forever! Now, let’s talk about the actual game, shall we?

The Lore!

Ah, yeah… About that. You don’t really get to know your character much. All I know at least is (without spoilers), that you are some kind of monster with a red backpack on it’s back on a journey through unknown worlds to discover something new… And to be true, that’s all there really is.

The Levels! The Levels!

They are amazing! Not only is the variety of them stunning, but also there is always something new to discover: Pull platforms with gestures or destroy rocks by rumbling your device. It’s always fun to explore and your brain will still explode. Even if you have a lot of fun.

The Graphics!

If you are a fan of comic related graphics like in Borderlands or World of Warcraft, the graphics of this game are for you! And even if you dont like that style, it’s still a polished gem with really sharp textures for a mobile game.

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