Call of Duty WW2 will be revealed in 4 days

Call of Duty WW2

Call of Duty got pretty repetitive and boring in their last games of the series. Mostly because the future isn’t that great and the mixture of Mirrors Edge and other running combinations just made the game way to fast and vertical (at least for me that’s the case). After most of their player base complained about the future and vertical gameplay, Activision want’s to go back to the roots of Call of Duty by releasing a new title that takes place at the time of the second world war. Unfortunately, it was just a rumor and not confirmed.

But now, it appears that the rumor that Activision’s Call of Duty series would return to the Second World War in its next title was true: A countdown at is leading to the “worldwide reveal live stream” of Call of Duty: WWII in approximately 4 days.

The site doesn’t reveal anything more than the setting, the face of a soldier who clearly saw way too much, and that Sledgehammer Games is the developer. An option to sign up to be notified when the live stream begins is also available. There are also leaks about the availability of a cooperative standalone story mode and the fact that pre-orders will grant access to a private beta for Call of Duty: WW2.

Currently, there are about 4 days remaining on the clock and in case there was any doubt it’s labeled with the time and date of the reveal: April 26, at 10 am PT.

Unfortunately, nothing more has been revealed. We’ll probably have to wait for the big moment like everyone else.