6 Things you should know before playing Ghost Recon Wildlands

ghost recon wildlands

Ghost Recon Wildlands is the newest title from Ubisoft, the creators of other games like Assassins Creed, the Crew and so on. Now, a lot of detail about the game is still unknown and their marketing videos didn’t really help me. Here are 10 things you should know before thinking of buying the game.

You will be reset very often!

Maybe you were just ignoring a fleeing enemy or you were thinking: “That dude is talking wayyy too much. Let’s just shoot him in the head!”. You probably often got gifted with a “Mission Failed”-Screen for doing such things. And that’s not all: Just to make the game more accessible to the younger generation, Ubisoft thought, that it would be great to make the game Pegi 16. Maybe you can already guess it… it’s ass! You really have to look at where you are driving, because if you run over too many civilians in a short period, you also get the “Mission Failed”-Screen. Isn’t that great?

Take all supplies with you!

In the beginning of Ghost Recon Wildlands, I often thought: “Ahh, that crate is way too far away from me. I’m not going to loot that shit.”. Well, that was not good for me in the long run. After about 5 to 10 hours into the game, you are thankful for every goddamn supply you can get. Because supplies are essential for developing your skills. So please, take everything with you!

Go prone will reduce your visibility a lot!

Pressing the “C”-Button will rescue you in a lot of situations. It will reduce your visibility by a ton and also the noise you make. With that technique, you can go so close to an enemy, that he will feel your nose up his butt. Joke aside, it really helps you a lot!

Disable the alarms!

Ghost Recon Wildlands is a very realistic shooter. That means you can die from a single bullet on the hardest difficulty. Now, what do you think will happen, if you are in the middle of an enemy base and you accidentally get seen by an enemy. Let me tell you, that Emmentaler is nothing compared to you after that!

Killing at night is a lot easier!

If you are about to invade a massive enemy base full with big armored dudes, your chances to survive this operation are relatively low. But, at night, the hunted will become the hunters. A lot of enemies can’t see very far at night and also the sight of snipers are greatly reduced. It’s like to go prone at day. But when it’s night and then you also go prone?! Damn, that is sneaky as fuck!

Play with your friends!

The game offers an awesome coop mode. You are able to play the game alone but your AI-mates are dumb as potatoes. They often stand up while you are lying on the ground in the middle of an evil base or just don’t shoot, even if the enemy is right in front of them. So please, if you can, play the game with your friends!