Here’s a list of all confirmed Nintendo Switch Games

Nintendo Switch

The Switch is Nintendo newest addition to the gaming console market and is pretty much a hybrid tablet with two controllers attached to its sides. While on release, there was only a single main game to play called “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”. Still, we are waiting for more AAA titles to be released for the Nintendo Switch. But hey, don’t wait any longer! Here is a list of all upcoming and confirmed video games for the Switch.

The List

A big thank you to Gamespot for providing this list!

  • As far as 8th generation AAA title releases, there is:
    No FFXV
    No Mass Effects
    No Need for Speed (2015)
    No Overwatch
    No Destiny
    No Fallout 4
    No DOOM
    No Dishonored 2
    No Titanfall 2
    No Dark Souls 3
    No Xcom 2
    No Deus Ex
    No Dying Light
    No The Witcher 3
    No Watch Dogs 2
    No Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
    No The Crew
    No Until Dawn
    No Batman Arkham Knight
    No Assassin’s Creed Syndicate /Unity
    No Mortal Kombat X
    No Rise of the Tomb Raider
    No Starwars Battlefront
    No For Honor
    No Battlefield 4 or 1
    No Call of Duty Advance Warfare, Black Ops 3, or Infinite Warfare
    No Rainbow Six Seige
    No Just Cause 3
    No Far Cry 4 or Far Cry Primal.
    No Prey
    No Hitman
    No Ghost Recon Wild lands
    No Resident Evil VII

    “STEEP” is the only game on the list that is also considered a AAA released in the 8th generation.

    And there is no announcement to get the upcoming anticipated titles:

    No Prey
    No Red Dead Redemption 2
    No Injustice 2
    No Tekken 7
    No Middle-earth: Shadow of War
    No Starwars Battlefront 2
    No Destiny 2

    Both their list and my list is exactly why I feel the Nintendo Switch is more of a 3DS replacement that docks to your TV than a home console. It has a robust Indie games library, but it’s missing the heavy hitters. In my honest opinion, ff you want a home console that includes anticipated AAA like these, you’re gonna need more than the Nintendo Switch like a PS4, Xbox One, or gaming PC. If you want a mobile platform, you need your mobile phone, 3DS, or a Nintendo Switch. There is room in the gaming world for both of these platforms, but this list has proved to me that Nintendo is far more of a mobile gaming device and rival to iOS and Android games than a rival to Sony and Microsoft’s home consoles.