The Surge: New trailer shows off combat


The first The Surge trailer released a couple of weeks ago and showed us the basics of its “Target, Loot, and Equip”-System – in other words, how to chop off a guy’s arms and then use them yourself. Now, there’s a new trailer which is all about combat – in other words, how to chop off a guy’s arms in the first place.

There’s more

Combat in The Surge is way more than just kicking Ass with the heaviest things you can find. Proper use of angle and power “to target and dismember specific limbs” is an important part of the game. Combat is skilled-based, but “looting upgrades for your exo-suit is key to progression,” publisher Focus Home Interactive said.

“Positioning and speed are vital, so make use of your exo-enhanced dodges, blocks, ducks and jumps to avoid attacks while managing stamina, ensuring you’re always in the right place to strike the limb you want or to avoid a potentially damning blow. The rules of combat apply to both you, and your enemy: get hit in an unarmored limb, and you’ll go down faster. Take advantage of the enemy’s weaknesses while balancing your own, and you’ll walk away with his strengths.”

The sci-fi Souls-like The Surge is scheduled for release on May 16.